What Tools Are Used For Air Duct Cleaning?

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Every home requires good indoor air quality-you certainly deserve that.

For comfortable living, air ducts help to control and carry this air to every part of the house.

These air ducts, however, are known to get dirty over time and bring you and your family in an unstable situation.

Cleaning the air ducts was not the most pleasant job, but it’s essential.

Polluted air ducts are harmful to several causes, neglecting them becomes worse, resulting in a severe issue in your house.

There are available cleaning equipment materials that are highly reliable, often seen in your storage tool or your garage.

But Green Air Duct Cleaning Pittsburgh has all of the necessary cleaning tools and advanced technology.

If you think that your air ducts or other HVAC devices have been polluted, call a professional immediately.

Contact our company in Pittsburgh; our technicians specialize in all classes of air duct cleaning and the best to sterilize them.

Cleaning Equipment That Works

To effectively clean an HVAC machine, several tools and equipment may be used.

Some firms use truck-mounted appliances, while others focus on handheld vacuums, but all types of machines can do the job right if used properly.

The following are among the most typical types of tools and equipment used on HVAC testing, servicing, and maintenance work.

Devices for Entry – Access instruments are tools that technicians use to establish entry points in the HVAC system so checking and cleaning can be performed quickly.

This wireless device can vary from narrow holes for optical photography to entry sections.

Using these tools is wide enough for service crew and bulkier equipment to move through.

Inspection Devices – Visual monitoring systems used to measure the accumulation of dust and contaminants in an HVAC system.

It is essential to track the cleaning process and determine the efficacy of the cleaning solutions.

The following are the list of common tools used in cleaning air ducts:

  • Mirror with a handle
  • “Periscope” for direct vision (mirror screen with right eyepiece)
  • viewing point, frequently with a source of light attached)
  • Video setup for surveillance camera television or CCTV.
  • camcorder

Hand-held cleaning equipment – Brushes and a variety of motorized stimulation and cleaning equipment are included.

Power brushing or manual brushing is commonly used to loosen residual debris from the air duct and other HVAC control systems.

Blowguns, air skippers, and air whips are typical pneumatic instruments used to move serious debris to the collection system.

Vacuum Equipment – To monitor the spreading of pollutants during the cleaning process, vacuum collection devices are used to generate a negative pressure inside the HVAC system.

Vacuum collection instruments are classified into two groups:

  1. Those that are installed on trailers or trucks
  2. Compactor portable units

In general, truck/trailer mounted equipment is more effective than portable equipment.

However, since portable equipment may be taken straight into a facility, the vacuum machine can be placed closer to the air duct.

Compressed Air Source – Highly efficient HVAC cleaning machine equipment and hydraulic operations are used for cleaning the air duct.

This machine requires large usage of quantities of pressure supplied directly to the device.

The most popular way to provide this pressure would be to use an air compressor.

Wet Vacuums and Portable Hose Vacuums – HVAC cleaning companies often use handheld vacuums for a range of jobs, and they are a regular sight on every cleaning job.

A filtration system is required for such vacuum cleaners, especially those built to remove both wet and dry debris.

Locate a Specialist

When you’re about to address your air ducts, recruit a competent contractor to ensure the work is completed correctly.

Green Air Duct Cleaning Pittsburgh provides extensive maintenance of the home’s or commercial establishment’s HVAC system and air ducts.

The most efficient air duct vacuum in the world is used in our innovative cleaning operation.

It can disinfect your ducts better than you might have thought.

For cooler, less polluted indoor air, we provide a range of facilities in addition to air ducts and HVAC cleaning.

These additional programs include:

  • Dryer vent cleaning
  • Bath fan exhaust cleaning
  • A/C coil cleaning

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