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Healthcare facilities, such as hospitals, should be the healthiest and cleanest places for the health and safety of its workers and patients. Thus, air duct systems in these facilities are designed to accommodate a large amount of people and efficiently cycle the air. However, there is a high volume of contaminants that can gather in these systems if not cleaned properly or regularly. The air is cycled again and again indoors but the air is not cleaned in that process if the system is full of contaminants. These large health facilities need to have high air quality due to sick patients and to prevent others from getting sicker in a place that people are vulnerable. There are many benefits to investing in a clean air duct system for your healthcare facility:

Improves health of workers and patients Reduces health costs and spread of disease

Regular cleanings and evaluations are essential to keep our healthcare facilities healthy. It is important to have your air duct system evaluated regularly by experts in the field to prevent build-up of contaminants that can damage your system and your health.

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What Will Be Done

Our industrial-level equipment allows us to easily service your healthcare facilities. Your air duct system should only be assessed, repaired or cleaned by professionals as these systems are delicate and must be handled properly. Once you give us a call or fill out our online form, we will set up a time with you to send out our team. Our technicians will evaluate your air duct system and determine if a cleaning is sufficient, or if a repair or replacement is warranted. A price will be offered, and the job only starts once the price and solution is agreed upon.

Our experts only use industrial grade vacuum cleaners specifically made for vent systems to clear out any debris that has gathered. The strong suction ensures a clean and improved air duct systems. From there, the technician will be able to assess the structure and recommend and completed any repair or replacement parts necessary. We offer premium brands in replacement parts to ensure longevity. We appreciate your trust in us to complete the job, and in return we promise to only recommend what is absolutely necessary to ensure the integrity of the system and your safety. The job is not done until you are absolutely satisfied!

Did You Know?

Air duct systems are the number one factor that help keep healthcare facilities considered sanitized and healthy. This means these systems need to be a priority to keep up to date and clean. Air duct systems specifically in the healthcare systems are long and intricate in efficiently clearing out polluted air and pumping out fresh air. The amount of recirculated air is minimal. It is imperative to have these systems cleaned and assessed on a regular schedule to ensure they are sufficiently working. Consider all of the contaminants in this setting: bacteria and viruses that constantly linger in the air. In addition to contaminants found outside of this setting as well: mold, smoke etc. It should be a priority to keep the people within the healthcare facility healthy and safe from other diseases.

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