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If you own a home and have not had your air ducts cleaned, it is most definitely something you should seriously consider.

Your air duct systems basically work as your home’s respiratory system.

They are constantly removing and pushing air in and out of your home.

With time the air duct system in your home, without doubt collects many natural and unnatural contaminants.

What is in your air duct can drastically affect your homes air quality.

Studies show that indoor air is 70 percent more contaminated than outdoor air.

Cleaning your oakland homes air duct system will help protect you and your family from all harms associated with indoor air.

Common pollutants found in air ducts

  • Mold
  • Bacteria
  • Dirt
  • Pollen
  • Construction debris
  • Animal hair
  • Animal fices
  • Smoke residue

Green Air Duct Cleaning Oakland are your local Oakland trusted professionals that are here to help you with all of your individual air duct needs.

With our specialized machinery and highly trained team of professions we can service any air duct system no matter the material or size.

Here at Green Air Duct Cleaning Oakland, we are here to help you breathe healthier and cleaner air.

The importance of clean air ducts

The air in your home is said to be 70 percent more polluted than air outdoors.

It is important to clean your home’s air duct system so that your home’s air quality is clean and healthy to breathe.

Your home’s heating and cooling system is an investment.

New furnaces and a/c cooling systems are not inexpensive.

The number one cause of failure for your homes cooling and heating systems is dirt and cloggs.

Protect your investment here in Oakland and have your air duct system maintenance and cleaned.

Unclean air ducts systems can lead to poor efficiency from your homes heating and cooling system.

A half inch of collection on your homes heat and cooling coils can reduce the systems efficiency by 21 percent.

How it works

At Green Air Duct Cleaning Oakland we offer multiple services to clean your homes air duct system.

We offer services that not only clean your homes air ducts but can also increase the efficiency of your homes cooling and heating system.

Some or the services we provide include;

Negative pressure cleaning

Negative pressure cleaning is done by using forced negative air through your homes air duct system, to remove and lift all contaminants inside.

While forcing the Negative pressure through your air ducts we use our specialized vacuum to remove all the contaminants and pollutants from your home.

Roto brush cleaning

The roto brush cleaning method is essentially a deep cleaning of your air ducts.

The roto brush system is fed through your air ducts as it performs a deep clean with its rotating brush head.

This removes mold, excess contaminants and residues.

While this process is taking place, our specialized vacuum removes any contaminants that have become loosed out of your home.

Antimicrobacterial Uv light

The antimicrobacterial Uv light is inserted into your homes air ducts and is always left on.

This provides 24/7 protection against bacteria and mod in your homes air duct system

Aero duct sealing

Air ducts that are sealed airtight allow your home’s cooling and heating system to push air throughout your Oakland home with increased efficiency.

In addition to residential air duct cleaning, we also commercial service as well.

With our specialized machinery we are able to clean your commercial air duct system no matter the size.

By cleaning you commercial air ducts you will give yourself, your employees, and your customers the quality air that is deserved.

Green Air Duct Cleaning Oakland has been servicing Oakland for over 10 years.

We pride ourselves on having great customer service and providing the highest quality of work.

When in need of air duct cleaning make you you call your trusted professionals at Green Air Duct Cleaning Oakland