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In almost every home in the Greensburg area air ducts are found.

Air Ducts carry both cool air and warm air throughout your home.

No matter if it’s winter or summer your home’s air ducts are in use.

Due to the constant use of your air duct and it being the “respiratory” system of your home, it is crucial to keep them clean and sanitized.

Unsanitized air ducts can cause health issues and concern for you and your family.

We here at Green Air Duct Cleaning Greensburg are your local trusted Greensburg air duct company.

Air duct cleaning importance.

Maintenance and cleaning the air ducts in your home is critical.

In your air ducts something you might find are; mold, dust, pollen, animal fices, construction debris, and animal hairs.

Mold will likely grow in your air ducts if they have been exposed to any moisture, so if you have noticed any leaks or water from your ducts, there is most likely mold in your home’s air ducts.

Some of the health issue

Unclean air ducts can cause both short term symptoms as well as long term.

The short term symptoms include; coughing, sneezing, headaches, and cold like symptoms.

If you or anyone in your household suffers from allergies or any respiratory disorders it is vital to keep your home’s air ducts clean and sanitized.

How we clean your air ducts

At We here at Green Airduct Cleaning Greensburg we offer a few different packages to clean your homes air duct system.

With our specialised, state of the art machinery we are able to service all types of air duct, no matter the cleanliness, shape or size.

Forms of cleaning

Air Duct negative pressure cleaning.

As negative pressure is forced through your ducts, it dislodges particles and dust out of your vents and into our specialized vacuum.

Using the negative pressure method of cleaning will prevent contamination of your home in its current state.

This method is said to remove 97% off all loose particles and debris in your air ducts.

Rotobrush cleaning

This method is a deep cleaning and sanitation of your air ducts.

So how it works, our specialized roto brush is fitted with a quick connect fitting attachment on the end, which allows our team to quickly change brush sizes to the correct size brush that the air duct system in your home needs.

This also ensures that when the machine is transferred throughout your duct system it will clean all surchases.

The brush is placed in your ducts and then the spinning bristle head is turned on.

Our system also uses high pressured water alongside the spinning bristle head.

This allows for maximum sanitation.

Antimicrobacterial Uv light

At Green Airduct Cleaning Greensburg not only do we offer cleaning of your air ducts we also offer a solution and preventive for any future mycobacterial growth in your ducts.

The antimicrobacterial uv light is placed in your air duct system and left on 24/7.

It’s always working to keep your air ducts sanitized to allow clean air for you and your family to breath.


Here at Green Airduct Cleaning Greensburg we offer and specialize in commercial air duct cleaning.

Air Duct systems are breeding grounds for mold and bacteria.

This is not only not good for your building it is also harmful for those inside.

Keep your business clean for you, your employees, and your customers.

Commercial applications we service

  • Air duct cleaning
  • a/c coil cleaning
  • exhaust fan cleaning
  • ventilation system cleaning
  • clothing dryer vent cleaning

Green Airduct Cleaning Greensburg is your local trusted air duct cleaning professionals.

We pride ourselves on customer service and professional quality work.

With our professionally trained team We have been serving the Greensburg area for over 10 years with all air duct cleaning needs.

So when calling us for air duct cleaning feel confident that we will get your home’s air duct to the highest level of sanitation that we can.