Types of Duct Insulation: Home and Commercial

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Homeowners spend money and time looking to boost the quality of their home with things like ventilation, boiler, and air conditioner upgrades.

Although all of these are worthy investments, many homeowners neglect one critical component: their ductwork.

Your air duct system is important when it comes to distributing air in your home or company.

The branching network of the tube that passes through the walls, floors, and ceilings transports air from your incinerator and central air conditioner.

Leaky and un-insulated ducts will significantly reduce the productivity and comfort of your house and commercial garage door establishment.

To solve these problems, you’ll need to consult with an HVAC contractor in Pittsburgh to update your ductwork system.

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The Variety of Insulated Air Duct System

For four purposes, fibrous glass insulation is often used in air duct systems.

Primary reasons are:

  • Controlling the sound – Noise from central air processing equipment is absorbed, and the air is moved into the ducts.
  • Temperature management – entails delivering warm or cooled air at temperatures that are comfortable for the building’s occupants.
  • Moisture control – Where mounted R-value instructions are implemented, condensation in or on ducts is prevented, minimizing the risk of moisture exposure to the ducts.
  • Preservation of electricity – Regulating temperature fluctuations by air duct walls decrease HVAC system operational expenses, allowing systems to operate more effectively.

There are essentially five varieties of the insulated duct system, depending on the features, mandates of the builder, or preference of the owner’s needs.

Fibrous Glass Duct System

Air conditioning, heating, or ventilating, Fibrous Glass Duct structure is used to save electricity while controlling ventilation duct sound.

Ductworks are intended for interior usage and should be placed where air temperature does not exceed 150 degrees Fahrenheit (66 degrees Celsius).

Duct device modules are made for either custom-made basic tools or grooving and closure devices.

Fibrous glass infused flexible insulation duct

A circular wire-lined inner air barrier core is covered with robust fibrous glass insulation.

It was plated with an external vapor corrosion inhibitor of reinforced foil or plastic film in fibrous glass insulated flexible ducts.

Therefore, both thermal stability and efficient noise reduction are provided by the light density fibrous glass insulation.

Fibrous glass insulation wraps up from sheet metal duct

Fibrous glass duct wrap insulation is adaptable, durable, and cost-effective.

This insulation system has factory-laminated light-density glass fiber blankets facings for vapor sealants.

These materials are simple to cut and install over the exteriors.

You can cut this by rectangular, triangular, oval, or irregularly formed duct surfaces to create a neat, thermally efficient insulation blanket.

Sheet metal duct lining with fibrous glass insulation

Fibrous glass vent lining insulation is intended for use in commercial and residential buildings.

It helps to avoid creating water vapor condensation within the duct and outer surface by reducing heat loss or gain by sheet metal duct surfaces.

It prevents formation of water vapor condensation inside the duct and outer surface by reducing heat loss or gain from sheet metal duct surface.

They’re structurally solid, can take a pounding, and have a cleanable, fire-proof interior surface that reduces pressure losses.

Fibrous glass insulation with board

Sheet metal ducts, housings, and plenums will all benefit from a coat of fibrous glass insulation board on the outside.

These semi-rigid-to rigid boards can also be used to insulate chillers and other cold or hot devices.

These components are made up of glass fibers that have been glued together with the support of a thermosetting solvent.

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