Top Fixes for a Dusty House in Pittsburgh

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Your house is probably kind of dusty, no matter the effort you invest in cleaning it.

It’s a prevalent issue that everybody has to deal with daily and it was more than a hassle.

Knowing how to get rid of dust is mainly important for people who suffer from allergies, asthma, and other respiratory problems.

For this reason, it can hinder one’s health and wellbeing.

Dust reduction improves air quality and extends the life of furniture, electronics, as well as other household appliances.

It takes patience and consistency to keep your house clean and dust-free as necessary.

Therefore, it all begins with a regular cleaning routine.

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The Air Duct system is Most Likely Producing Dust

If you’re having difficulty keeping up with a dusty house, your Air Duct system may be the one responsible.

Thankfully, there is a direct and efficient solution for every common Air Duct problem that causes excessive dust.

Top Solutions are mentioned below:

Create a Dust Trap

The filter is the first area to look for hints that causes your dusty house in your Air Duct system.

Filters must be checked at least once a month and substituted or washed as needed.

If you live in a dusty environment, it may be necessary to replace the filter more frequently.

Most of the dust in your current filter is a residue that has been removed from your home’s circulation.

When the filter becomes clogged, your system is unable to effectively remove dust from the air, but some of it remains in your room.

It’s a bit of purchase to upgrade these filters. The filters will probably last longer and collect tiny particles which other filters would miss.

However, they are more costly and will reduce your energy consumption.

When replacing your filter, double-check that it fits perfectly in the air return on all sides.

Do not allow it to dry out

Dry air allows dust to flow freely, so it can travel even further within an HVAC system.

Dust settles quicker and has more chances to get stuck in your filters when the air is humidified.

Dust is more prevalent in warmer conditions and also more frequent during dry winter months than summer seasons.

If you have leaky air ducts taking in the dry, uncontrolled winter air, you could be producing a particularly dust-friendly environment in your house.

The safest solution against excessively dry air is using a high-quality humidifier in your house, in addition to having your air duct sealed.

If you’re living in a particularly dry area, consider using a humidifier as it can help keep wooden furniture and trim from being fragile.

Preventing the Leakages

Leaking air ducts is a more challenging task that can result in a lot of dust, and it’s very frequent.

Small opening forms in your air duct resulting in age-related, damage, or quality defects and they can appear in dusty areas of your home.

These holes allow dust to enter at the course of your filter, then exits through your vents and into the rooms.

You may be able to safely inspect the significant part of your air duct depending on the layout of your house and HVAC system.

Most tiny leaks can be successfully fixed with duct tape.

Consider employing a licensed HVAC contractor for more detailed safety checks and repair services.

They can identify and repair leaks in areas you don’t seem to be able to reach, which are also the dustiest portions of the duct system.


With the top fixes guide mentioned above, you can have a home free from dust in Pittsburgh.

You will ensure that dust is no longer a major problem in your home with only a little effort and resources.

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With Green Air Duct Cleaning Pittsburgh you can always count on a free and honest evaluation of the current state of your air ducts.

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